February 15, 2011

holy moly

i forgot about this little thing called a blog...well not really, i just like to procrastinate. here are some random happenings from the last few months (holidays will be separate posts, of course).

marc had a birthday, and also turned into a vampire...

spent the day in chico at the park...love it there...

oh and just some rock climbing...don't be surprised if you see me at the grand canyon this summer...

thats pretty much it, exciting huh? we also got a new car, chevy malibu from the roseville mission, fancy right? still working on the house, floors next, yes! and will soon be staying with marcs brother parker and his wife kimberly in LA, double yes!! i've yet to attain the puppy i've been needing/unnecessarily wanting, i blame it on marc and his brothers :) (although, through a secret spy friend, i found out that one of the brothers in law that is allergic to cats may not be sooo allergic after all, when he made a visit to her house that rooms both a cat and a dog and had no reaction, hmmmm). BUT, i did convince marc to grow some ivy on one of the lattice that we have in the backyard, 1 point for me! i've joined a book club, but have yet to read the book and the meeting is next week. found out i have bunions (am i 80 years old or what) and was told by the podiatrist to never wear flats or flip flops. i don't understand how that is possible, really i don't. has anyone been to a podiatrist's office? after waiting in the exam room for a few minutes i started to think about what kinds of feet had been in the little black tray at the end of the table...disgusting. i also apparently have thin bones (whatever that means, i'll take it as a compliment for now), at least in my feet. and i'm wondering how the glucose test i'll be taking in the morning will turn out if i just finished off a ben and jerry's and had two cookies about an hour ago...? good times :)

current faves.....

television show...

Word of Wisdom living, it's awesome.



  1. I always want to go to the park in Chico,I have heard a lot of good things about it.
    I worked for a podiatrist for a while...my job was to get patients (they were all in wheelchairs since it was at a convalescent hospital where I volunteered) and introduce them to him (The dr\) and explain to the patient what he was going to do...and then I got to take off their socks and shoes and hand the Dr. tools!
    They told you no flats??? Don't they usually say no heels??

  2. love your posts! and have i ever been to a podiatrist's office??? umm, hello! did i work at one in high school? :) i just went rock climbing last week....so fun! and good luck with the dog thing. with us, it was the other way around. sky wanted one, me not so much. not that i wouldn't love one...but they are a lot of responsibility and we have kids that keep me pretty busy. maybe when the kiddos are older. puppies are just too cute!